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Discover How to Tap into Your Talents, Build a High Performing Team and Help Your Clients' Recruit Candidates that Stay in Their Job Longer...
Get Your Profile and a Personal Debrief for Just £27+vat
This is a unique opportunity available ONLY to Association Recruitment Members. You will receive your own personal Talent Dynamics' Profile, which is 25 pages long, together with a 45 minute Personal Debrief by one of our trained consultants.

To build a High Performing Team you must understand your own Talents and the Talents of the people around you. This Profile and Debrief is the fastest way to understand yourself so that you can start
to build Trust immediately with your team and your clients in a way that builds Engagement and Ownership.
Here's what some of the recruitment companies & CLIENTS we have worked with have to say:
"Talent Dynamics is a vital part of our interviewing process.  We already gauge skills and experience, but now we have further insight into our applicants natural Flow that fits the current team. 

Without Talent Dynamics you don’t have the right energy heading in the same direction which is critical for a business looking to grow and why we use it with all our clients when recruiting."
- Angela Edgson
Gotcha Recruitment
"Having a slightly disengaged team and not know why used to drive me nuts, but understanding my team's Talent Dynamics' Profiles has made a real difference and performance is up from 60% to 80% across the team.

The difference with Talent Dynamics is that it is so simple, it is the most straightforward psychometric platform I’ve ever used (and being a recruitment professional I’ve used a lot).  We are now building our engagement with our clients and candidates in the recruitment industry using this powerful tool."
- Graham Brown
Forces Recruitment Services
"Since being introduced to Team Dynamics we have decided to fully embrace the Talent Dynamics' tool across all areas of our company. After profiling all the different departments - Sales, Operations and Finance - we saw a huge increase in productivity and far better communication between department heads.

The Talent Dynamics' Profile forms a key part of our recruitment process now as it is invaluable to get the best out of each individual candidate, this is key as we are a fast growing company and taking on a lot of new people."
- Nicola Whiting
Titania Security Services

You are covered by our Unique 3-Part 100% Money Back Guarantee...

We know you live in a world full of Marketing Hype and Sales Promises that never get delivered on… That’s why we are different!

But talk is cheap and some text on websites is easy to write, you have to live up to the promises you make.

That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee on ALL of our Team Training Days, Individual Talent Dynamics’ Profile Debrief Sessions and our Unique Team Acceleration Training and Leadership Courses.

If after having experienced any of our powerful programs, you are not 100% happy that you’ve received take away Value that enables you to Triple your Return on Investment in the following 12 months, we’ll re-engage with you until you do at OUR expense.
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