Helping Entrepreneurs become Legendary Leaders that
Build High Performing Teams
“Building a High Performing Team in Your Company is the No1 Competitive Advantage you have and the Key to
Building a Business that runs without you.”
Paul Avins
Over his 14-year career he has become famous for creating innovative Strategic Growth Plans and Business Growth Programs that accelerate his client’s Sales, Profits and Success without high pressure sales techniques or short-term tricks and gimmicks.

Paul initially became a customer of Talent Dynamics a number of years ago when he called in a Consultant after getting seriously ill.

The impact was so positive on both of his companies that he decided quickly to become a Flow Consultant, then a Performance Consultant and finally a Global Partner with the creators of Talent Dynamics, Entrepreneurs Institute.

In just a few short years, Paul has launched the brand Team Dynamics, which has become the world’s No1 Partner for Talent Dynamics. He also works and consults for other Global Partners including Vet Dynamics and Property Investors Network.

Paul’s passion is to help his clients to unlock the potential in their people as he knows from experience that to make a business successful you need to recruit, develop and retain the top talent.

There is a great line from the book by Jim Collin – Good to Great, where he say’s “First Who, Then What…” and I’ve always believed that without the right people on a team sustainable success will always evade you. So over the last 10 years “Team Purple”, as we have taken to calling ourselves, has moved through various business models and brand, some successful, some not so, but at our Core was a passion to serve and support our amazing business owners who are building their dreams.

Today we are blessed to have all 4 of the Talent Dynamic Energies covered.

Paul is the Driving Dynamo, Nicky is the Supportive Blaze, Lesley is a Tick Box Tempo and Becky Brings the Strong Steel or her Lord profile for us all to lean on.