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Sales Dynamics' 1-Day Certification Training Course 
Thursday 27th June 2019 at The Doubletree by Hildton Oxford Belfry, Milton Common
(Limited to just 12 People)
If You Want to TRIPLE Your Sales this is for You
What if you could master the five key skills that unleash your sales results in just one day?

"Using Paul's Sales Dynamics System in our Business and Sales process has been a revolution and delivered real results. Our Conversion rates went up over 50% and our Average Order Value jumped by over £15,000!! The investment paid for itself within weeks and it helped us break through the £1m growth barrier."
- Sheena Marsh, Oxford Garden Design
This is one of only two dates in 2019 that Paul will be running 
this 1 Day Training Course in the UK
Module 1 - Mastering Your Sales Mind Set
For most businesses their single biggest opportunity can be summed up in a single word: ‘SALES’.
They want more customers but they don't have the Skill or the Will to consistently apply what it takes to contact, connect and convert prospects into life long loyal raving fans.

It's never a lack of desire - it's always a lack of Mind Set and the sad fact is that too many people have negative beliefs about Selling that sabotage their subconscious when they are in front of a potential new customer. 
In this session Paul will help you quickly and easily identify your Limiting Sales Beliefs, then Re-Map your Mind so that your subconscious support your new identity as a confident trusted sales expert.

Module 2 - Setting Up for Success
The terrifying fact is that most of us Sell to prospects the same way WE like to by which means we are missing out on potentially 75% of the Customers we could be making sales to

Imagine if you could identify your prospect's Buying Energy before you even attend the sales meeting with them. What if you could literally see into their mind to understand how best to build rapport with them, how to present your product or service to them and how to get them to take action and place an order with you. In this session Paul will help you create your own pre-meeting Trust Questionnaire that is Guaranteed to help your prospect trust you more, identify their buying energy and boost your sales.
Module 3 - The Agreement Accelerator
Consider just how much you or your company is loosing by not positioning the value that your product or service adds, in a way that enables your prospects to see how it will solve the problem they have right now.

Learn the Triangle of Trust that buyers look for in a Product, Company and Sales person and why it's critical for you to get agreement on ALL of these if you ever want them to place an order with you.

Understand how to build your own credibility as a Sales Expert and learn what can destroy trust and stop sales instantly with each of the Buying Energies!
Module 4 - High Converting Conversations 
Imagine if you could let your prospect determine the style, speed and content of your sales presentation - how many more customers would you be doing business with? 5? 20? 100?  

The reality is that unless you change your sales conversation to match the buyer's dominant energy, you are leaving money on the table every time you walk into a meeting. That changes right now!

In this module Paul will take you on a deep dive into how to connect with each of the 4 Buying Energies - Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel. The truth is that How you sell to your prospects is far more important than What you are selling to them.  In fact 58% of ALL buying decisions are based on the experience delivered by the sales person!
Module 5 - Follow Up to Fortune
What if getting a prospect to say "Yes" was just the start of the sales process? What if 91% of your happy customers would be open and willing to giving you referrals IF you had a system and approach that worked with their profile? How much extra revenue and profit could you be making?

Here is where you will learn how to create a Client Retention and Referral system that makes sure customers go from Transaction to Trusted Introducer. You'll learn how to ask for referrals from the four different buying energies and the No1 mistake 95% of sales people make that stop customers from ever referring business to you!

Remember - If people like you they'll listen to you BUT if they trust you they'll do business with you!
Learn the Sales Strategies for Scalable Success
and receive personal Sales Coaching from Paul on the day 
Plus Receive Three Bonuses Valued at £650
When you attend this course you will receive the following bonuses...
Speed Selling Online Course -
Free Life Time Access
The Authority Guide to
 Trusted Selling
Sales Dynamics' Quick Guide - The Coach In Your Pocket
If You Really Want to Triple Your Sales this is for You
This Workshop Will Sell Out and is Limited to Just 12 Places

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