We’ve always believed that sustainable success will evade you if you haven’t got the right people on your TEAM. Over the last 14 years, Team Purple as we like to call ourselves, has grown through different business models and brands, some successful, some less so. 

Whatever we’ve done, at the core, we’ve had a passion to serve and support our amazing clients and business owners who are following their dreams and building their Teams.
Paul Avins - Chief Creative Officer & Master Coach
Paul Avins is an Award Winning business growth coach with a 17 year track record of helping business scale. His is also the founder of the F12 Mastermind, the UK's No1 Business Growth Board room as well as Author or 5 Business Books and and Expert on High Perming Teams and High Trust Selling. 

Over his coaching career he has become famous for his strategic insights, rapid growth plans and business growth programs that accelerate his client’s sales, profits and success without high pressure sales techniques or short term tricks and gimmicks.

Paul has ALWAYS believed in the power of TEAMS in Business and Sport but when his life was saved by a High Performing Team of Paramedics, he set out to help others learn from his mistakes and to harness the true power in the people around them. That led to him setting up Team Dynamics Global.

Paul has been married to Sue for 15 years and they have a very talented 13 year old son Jonathan. 

Beck Tegg - Head of Awesome Events
Becky Tegg joined Paul way back in November 2005. Before, Becky worked for one of the world’s largest Semiconductor distributors for over 10 years. 

Becky’s unusual mix of Steel and Blaze mean her main responsibilities include helping to run the F12 Mastermind Programme as well as organising, marketing over 50 events, certifications and retreats a year.

Best known as Head of AWSOME Events – she loves creating Edutainment Experiences for our clients and the the highlights of her calendar are the time she spends away running our Customer Attraction Summit Bath, the F12 Mastermind Retreat in Spain and our 5 Day Quantum Shift event in Bali.

Outside work, Becky loves catching up with friends (check out her photos on Instagram!) shopping for purple outfits and is a SERIOUS fitness fanatic completing several Blenheim Triathlons and a 100K Bike ride for local charities.

She is Married to Steve with two Daughters, Lucy and Maisie

Lesley Dearing - Customer Champion & Finance Manager
Lesley joined the team in January 2011 after meeting Paul’s wife, Sue at a young toddlers’ club. She is married to Simon who works for the Red Bull F1 Racing team in Milton Keynes. They have two children, Callum and Emily, who keep them on their toes!!

Before joining Team Purple her success in Corporate world  included winning the RAC Values Award for continually going the extra mile during her time at Hyundai Car. Lesley brought with her a wealth of knowledge, skills and customer commitment to the team and has never looked back.

Lesley our Customer Champion & Finance Manager and looks after all of Paul’s clients as well as managing Paul’s diary which is no easy task with a Creator as I’m sure she’ll tell you. 
She’s also often affectionately referred to as Paul’s “work wife” – good job it’s only 9-5!!! 

As a Trader she is great at keeping the team together and keeping things organised, making sure the right things happen at the right time so she can tick them off her list. Basically she 

Adam Bonner - Customer Attraction Architect
Adam joined Team Purple in May 2019 to build, systemise and head up our marketing machine, helping us to raise our voice and 10x our visibility. 

As Chief Customer Attraction "Architect", Adam works both on our internal sales and marketing funnels and externally, supporting our numerous events and helping Paul to turn his ideas into real world applications!

Not an easy task!!

Before joining Team Purple Adam had a very successful career in the recruitment sector helping service men and women to find employment after dedicating their lives to serving their country and supporting their colleagues.
Yvette Martin - Team Development Director Australia
Yvette Martin is a Coach, Transformational Speaker and Chief Play Officer to her three kids.

She is on a crusade to facilitate positive change in her client’s lives by strengthening their relationships, results and overall wellbeing in both their personal and professional lives. Helping them perform at their best, while having a lot more fun doing it!
Drawing on Positive Psychology, Behavioural Economics, NeuroSemantics and Neuroscience, she can help you and your people take greater ownership of your roles; enhancing your personal engagement with your teams, your co-workers and your customers.

Yvette specialises in facilitating focused results in any area of business that involves people, with a special interest and expertise in:
Strengths-Based Leadership – bringing out the best in your Leaders
Stellar Sales Results – Helping your Sales Staff become Superstars
Improving Influence – The art and science of improving influence within the workplace
High-Performing Teams – Improving collaboration and performance
Maintaining Vitality – Tips and Techniques to unlocking your best self for busy professionals

Heading up Team Dynamics’ Australia, Yvette is a our leading Team Dynamics’ Master Trainer as well as a Certified Team and Sales Dynamics Trainer and Coach.

Her credentials include Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Integral Semantics Facilitator, Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Japanese) and Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership.
Sylvia Baldock - Head Trainer and Personal Brand Expert
Sylvia Baldock our Head Team Dynamics Trainer, Professional Speaker, Executive Business Coach/Mentor and Best selling International Author as well as a Certified Flow Consultant.

Being a Star Profile, Sylvia is an energetic and engaging business trainer and coach. With over 30 years’ experience of training hundreds of people in business and personal development, confidence, public speaking, networking and business growth, Sylvia has gained extensive experience working with Corporates, SMEs, CEO groups, Charities and Social Enterprises, CIMA and NHS supply teams.

Sylvia unlocks the hidden potential in individuals and teams by enabling them to operate in a higher state of flow.
 She uses the powerful Team Dynamics tools and training to clarify people’s natural strengths and challenges and works with them to ensure they are playing to those strengths to spend 70-80% of their working time fully in ‘flow’.

When you are operating in ’flow’ you are doing the work that comes easily and naturally and you consistently deliver at a very high standard. You become recognised as an ‘expert’ in your field. 

Her skill at Profiling teams results in a collaborative culture where your people value their differences, tap into each other’s strengths and become more engaged, motivated, productive and profitable.

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Want to talk to our Team? 
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