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Learn how to Build a High Performing Team in
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Learn the secret strategies that have helped 500,000 businesses globally leverage individual talents to achieve team growth mastery
4 Hour deep dive Interactive Training Workshop
Thursday 23rd May 2019
09:00 - 13:00 Hours
Doubletree by Hilton
Oxford Belfry,
Milton Common,
Nr Thame, Oxon, OX9 2JW
Your Journey to Building Outstanding Teams That 
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This will be a game-changing experience. One that will initiate real and positive change in your business and personal life at a level that is hard to imagine right now. I can attest to this, because I've seen it happen time and time again. 

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Are you scaling or failing with your team...
Ever feel like the members of your team just aren’t clicking? They’re like cogs in a machine with mismatched teeth. You want them to combine and bind and purr like a well-oiled machine but they keep jamming up—time and again. You blame others, you blame yourself, you blame the faulty photocopier in the corner, but the end result is still the same — you have a problem, and that problem is things just aren’t working. And you can’t pinpoint precisely why.

You know in your heart that your business could be a shining beacon of productivity and output, and an example of how to do things right if only you could truly leverage the talents of the people around you

Thousands of entrepreneurs like you have exactly the same issues. They wring their hands in frustration every day in hope that something that will make their team better, wanting and needing it to shine.
They want to stop feeling so brutally overwhelmed. They want to have their choices confirmed by the results they see. They want to feel confident in handing over the reins in specific areas of their business to the people they’ve recruited. They want to stop doing the very jobs they brought others in to do for them. They want to TRUST those around them to take real ownership, to connect with each other, find flow in their work and DELIVER. But NONE of this is happening.

The reason most entrepreneurs truly suck at getting great results from their teams is that when they started out, they either started out alone or in some type of partnership. They then realised they needed people to take on certain roles. And THAT’S when the difficulties kick in... 

Most entrepreneurs start out with a blazing idea and follow it with gusto before burning out and realising they need help with growth. But growth for the sake of it is crazy! You need the right people with the right talents and energies doing the right jobs. You don’t want the gearstick where the clutch should be or the glovebox in the boot. But this is how so many businesses end up. With poor personnel arrangements that don’t get results.

That’s when it’s time to take action, time to get the highest level of help to gain the sort of insight that will transform ‘team terrible’ into ‘team fantastic’ in the shortest possible time.

Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Avins, and I’ve worked with thousands of business leaders who have found themselves in what I call the predicament of poor productivity—because their teams aren’t functioning as well as they could be.

Many of those I’ve encountered have been in emotional tatters when they’ve come to me, on the verge of a nervous breakdown or business liquidation or both. So many have been ready to throw away everything they’ve built up simply because they can’t see a way out, over or around the team problems facing them.

I’ve helped many hundreds invert these problems into real solutions, creating high performing teams that get the job done to rejuvenate employee morale and boost and build revenues.

I’ve witnessed companies go from breakeven to achieving stratospheric results by making simple changes using the proven tools I show them

Tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of businesses globally, Team Dynamics provides a step by step way to get your team and your business out of the doldrums and back on top. And if you can spare half-a-day, I can show you how to do just that...

So...I’ve got just one question: if you know that the people in your team hold the keys to your growth and success but you feel as though they’re back-peddling, how do you imagine it would you feel if I could show you the tools I use with other entrepreneurs every day—and demonstrate HOW to use those tools—so that your team gets propelled forward and upward at ROCKET SPEED, taking your business with it?

NOW is the time to allow me to reveal to you how to do this. How to make a deeper emotional and practical impact on each and every person in your business, and develop the type of team mastery that has already transformed hundreds of thousands of ailing businesses into ones that are robust and healthy. 

Sound interesting? Well the great news is me and my team are holding a Half Day Team Dynamics Discovery Day on the Thursday 23rd May 2019.

The price? Not £1000. Not £500. Not £100. Not even £50. We’re talking a puny, paltry, £47. Peanuts! No more than a coffee and magazine a couple of times a week for a single month. 

My second question, then, is this: Is it worth £47 and half a day of your life to discover innovative PROVEN ways to move from simply tolerating your team to feeling TEAM TRIUMPHANT?

If your answer is NO, well okay. This Half Day Discovery day is clearly not for you, you've read too far already, and aren't ready for growth. 

But, if you answered YES, we can’t wait to see you...

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Four Ways You & Your Team Will Benefit
This half-day discovery intensive will save you years of poor performance, pressure and painful conversations with team members you'll have to replace
Learn how to build high levels of trust  between the different profiles of people on your team. This will result in far  greater transparency and traction on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis.
Understand how to engage  and empower the different members of your team by harnessing the natural energy from their profile. When you do this commitment and energy shift everybody to a high level of achievement.
Learn what each profile on your team needs from you in order to understand WHY the Vision and Goals are important to achieve. Plus how to keep them in Flow more of the time for greater performance and profiability.
You'll master the skills of debriefing individuals and small groups on their profiles to help you save time rolling out Team Dynamics  in your business.
Who Should Attend This Powerful Training?
  • Managing Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR Managers
  • Business Coaches
  • Management Consultants
  • Team Leaders
  • Service Professionals & Trainers
"I took a leap of faith coming to the workshop - my partner dropped it on me with little notice and not much information. I wasn’t keen at first, but it sounded intriguing, so I said yes. I’m really glad I did - it’s probably the best training course I’ve ever been on. The whole Team and Talent Dynamics concept is quite amazing, and I learnt a lot about myself, my partner and people I’ve worked with. I can’t wait to do more with it!”
- Liz James, Accumulator & Virtual PA
Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
We have a 100% Money back Guarantee - If you are not happy for any reason by the end of Day 1, simply hand back your workbook and ask for a no questions asked refund and the money will be back in your account in 7 days.
Would you like to secure your place RIGHT NOW
and TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM for just £47?
About Your Team Dynamics Trainer
Paul Avins
Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought after Business Growth Coaches, Leadership and Team Trainers and Experts in Trusted Selling in the World today.

Over his 15 year career he has become famous for creating Dynamic Business Growth Programs that accelerate his client’s Sales, Profits and Success without high pressure sales techniques, short term tricks or get rich gimmicks.

Paul initially became a customer of Talent Dynamics a number of years ago when he called in a Consultant to help reshape his teams after getting seriously ill and realising he needed to shift from "me" thinking to "we" teamwork.

The impact was so positive and profound on both of his companies that he decided quickly to become a Flow Consultant, then a Performance Consultant and finally a Global Partner with the creators of Talent Dynamics, Entrepreneurs Institute.

In just a few short years, Paul launched the brand Team Dynamics Global which has become the world’s No1 Partner for Talent Dynamics working with over 2,500 high performing Leaders and Teams.

Paul truly believes that for business to scale and reach its full potential it must master the skill of building high performing teams that can sell, serve customers and support the owners' vision.
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Would you like to secure your place RIGHT NOW
and TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM for just £47?
So You Can Attend Relaxed
What time does the course start and finish?
Arrival coffee and tea will be available from 08:30, we will start promptly at 09:00 and finish by 13:00.
Is food and drink included in the cost of the course?
Yes, we will provide unlimited tea & coffee and a selection of snacks before the workshop starts and mid morning.  Still & sparkling water will also be available throughout. If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know by emailing
Is there free WIFI at the venue?
Yes, the venue has fast WIFI that you can use for free. We will give you the login details when you arrive.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
You don’t need to bring anything with you – pens, paper and full course notes will be provided.
What do I need to wear?
There is no specific dress code for this course, other than smart casual.
Do I need to do any specific preparation before I attend?
No you don't need to do any preperation, just turn up with an open mind.
Do I get any course notes?
Yes, You will receive a copy of the Team Dynamics’ Discovery Day Workbook for you to follow and make notes in during the workshop.
Still have questions?
Contact us at
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